Rebecca Joanne’s sound is ambient and unique; her vivid, bright voice is underscored by a dark, romantic timbre creating diverse and emotive performances.

Formally trained as a classical singer, she has since expanded her work into other genres such as musical theatre, pop and most notably, jazz. Her sound has evolved into a tone that is suited to both traditional and contemporary jazz; making her a multifaceted artist. It is this musical plasticity that also adds distinction to her pop and musical theatre performances. She has achieved cross-genre definition, with her recognisable sound consistent throughout.

Aside from extensive musical training at Leeds College of Music, Rebecca  has also had training in traditional and contemporary dance and drama, performing as a triple threat on numerous occasions over the past 10 years. Working in an array of artistic environments has developed her into an experienced performer, constantly gaining momentum and exploring new horizons. This also makes her apposite for cross discipline work such as music for movement and performance art.

Education is an area of music that Rebecca Joanne sees as vital; having previously taught at Starlight performing arts school, she has gained a passion for teaching that stems from her deep rooted interest in theoretical music. As well as the practical application of music, she believes that history, philosophy and written music are all crucial to musical development.

Currently, Rebecca is working on her original compositions that look to define her musical outlook and further develop her style. She is also in the process of recording some Romantic era classical arias with Alumni records, the first of which (Les Berceaux- Faurè) has recently been released and is now available to purchase.

Park Hall Jazz Event
Park Hall Jazz Event


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