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When you love music- you can’t help but want to share your experiences of it; this could be through performance or composition; but it can also be through teaching. I had a brilliant singing teacher that truly changed my life; without her influence I do not know where I would be today. She is part of the reason that I am so passionate about teaching.

This is the tuition that I am offering:

Grade 5 Theory Fast Track

This is a course designed to get people through their Grade 5 ABRSM theory exam in a short space of time. Grade 5 theory is an entry level qualification for many institutions; these lessons would be perfect for pre/current A-Level students who need this qualification to carry on to their institute of choice. It is also a great course for people who want to progress past Grade 5 in their practical grades (grade 5 ABRSM theory is compulsory if you wish to take ABRSM practical exams beyond grade 6). This course aims to put students through the exam in 1-2 months. The intensity of the course varies dependant on time available and pre-existing knowledge.

Singing Lessons

I aim to offer singing lessons for younger students who wish to begin studying music or build on their current experience. The style of singing taught would be based on what the student wants to get out of the lessons; my specialist areas are classical, jazz and musical theatre- but I would be more than happy to help students progress in pop singing. Whatever genre they wish to study, it is important to ensure that they build strong foundations in good technique, practice routines and music theory.

If you are interested in either of the above, please feel free to contact me. I am not setting any fees as I feel it is important to negotiate a reasonable fee that is suitable for the tuition being given. Although I do have teaching experience I am still a student and I want to gain more knowledge and understanding as I progress though teaching; I am still young and not quite ‘set in my ways’, it would be nice to grow and adapt along with my students so I can develop my practice to fit their individual needs.

Below is a short summary of my qualifications and experience.



(GCSE Math and English at C and above)

A Levels

Music- A*; English Literature- A*; Performance Studies- A; Sociology (AS only)- A


Grade 5 ABRSM Theory

Grade 8 ABRSM Classical Voice


BA Hons in Jazz (still studying)


Starlight Performing Arts School– I was a singing teacher for a small performing arts school in Clayton Brook. I took two classes of students; one class aged 4-7 and another ages 8-14. I independently lead two lessons per week and contributed to a summer school performance which included over 20 students. The main genres I taught were pop and musical theatre, as well as basic theory. I was employed for a full term until I moved to university.

Opera North’s Children’s Chorus- I am currently a volunteer assistant with Opera North’s Children’s Chorus. This is a fantastic opportunity that has taught me so much so far. I am lucky enough to watch some of the best teachers and musicians in the industry take a class of almost 90 children. I have learnt some invaluable teaching techniques as well as realising what children can achieve if given the correct guidance.

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