Horace Silver dies aged 85

It is sad news that that on the 18th of June, jazz legend Horace Silver has passed away.

A talented saxophonist and prolific pianist, Horace began his career in Conneticut before moving to the jazz world of New York. He was heavily influenced by his father who also lent his talents to a variety of instruments; Silver’s ‘Song for my Father’ will be a long lasting tribute to his old man.

I’d have to say that my two favourite Silver tunes are ‘Silver’s Serenade’ and ‘Song for my Father’. ‘Song for my Father’ was one of the first latin jazz standards that I had the pleasure of learning; I loved it so much that I memorised words in English and Portugese as well as writing my own lyrics to the tune! It’s great as a vocal head, but for me- nothing compares to this tune being played loud and proud on a trumpet. ‘Silver’s Serenade’ will always remind me of my first year at Leeds College of Music. This was one of the first tunes that my first ensemble chose to perform in our first exam; it doesn’t just have great memories, it has great harmonies too. It is an intriguing piece of music that you have to listen to a few times to fully grasp.

It is a sad day in jazz world to lose a musician like Horace Silver. Thanks for all the music Horace- we won;t forget it.

Here are a couple of links to Song for my Father and Silver’s Serenade.


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