Cuts to Jazz Funding 2015

July 2014: The Arts Council England has announced that it will not be funding Jazz Services as an NPO from April 2015.  The announcement comes as part of their investment portfolio for the arts over the next three years covering 2015-2018.

While still fully functional and with our current funding in place until March 2015, Jazz Services is obviously extremely disappointed with the decision.  But more importantly this is a huge blow to the UK’s jazz artists, promoters and audiences.  We are the only independent, impartial national organisation representing the interests of jazz across the whole of the UK, and we strongly believe that to cut our funding as of April 2015 jeopardises the wellbeing of the music.


Source; Jazz Services;

This is extremely sad news that will hinder the progress of new and innovative music. Without funding for the more niche, unique areas of Jazz, the UK will not be exposed to the same exciting music, which will be a terrible loss.

Please sign the petition to keep the funding for the UK jazz scene!


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