FLOWERED- The New Album from Frodo’s Bonanza

It’s been a long time in the making, but Frodo’s Bonanza are ready to release FLOWERED.


Producer: Ted Westwood: https://www.facebook.com/TedWestwoodMusic/

Artist: Sam Rowe: http://samdraws.com/

Band: Rebecca Joanne, Christopher Bland, Elliot Roffe, Conor Magi, Jack Hartigan, Jonny Yeoman, Helena Debono.

Walking through flowers, Up on a dream,
 Flowers that go on forever it seems. 
Over the mountains, up on the hill, 
Flowers for miles, and more of them still.

 Making me dizzy, 
High on the fumes, 
Of millions of flowers, 
All cramped in one room. 
Stained by the pollen that covers my bed.
 Flowers behind me, and flowers ahead. 

Petals are falling, Without a sound. 
Look at these petals, they're all tumbling down. 
Cover my pillow, 
Smother my mind.
 Within this garden, my mind is confined. 

You can't come with me, to see for yourself,
 All of these flowers in good mental health. 
Lilies and Roses, 
Pink, white and red. 
'Cause all of these flowers are all in my head. 

2. Cover my soul in silk robes and gold chains. 
Midas is watching he'll touch you, How very rude, the old fool, how bout' 
Diamonds to press to your skin and your face. 
Stone cold and shining, yeah. 
That's alright. 

Cages of silence confine all your heartache.
 Gilded and twisted the bars shake, 
The birds are all fake, they won't wake, for God's sake. 
Paradise feathers a dress for my mind makes, 
Colourful and blinding yeah. 

You can see a part of me ignite. 
Scold my skin and watch me set alight. 
Wrapped in the world, foils unfurl, 
You'll see the Gaping Gold within.
 Covered in capes of hot stardust, melting my skin.

 3. Oh when the winter months are over,
 The fields of spring will bloom with clover, 
And in the sky, there will be rainbows for you. 

Don't be deceived, by all the sunshine, 
The rain will creep back in it's own time. 
But you might feel, that you need it to cleanse. 

All of these clouds need to drain,
Our Conversations in the Rain. 

Oh rainy April, I adored you. 
My heart it loved, my hands explored you. 
Will the sunshine, come melt me away.

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