Singing for Serenity… start your journey

Singing for Serenity Rebecca Joanne Music: 27/05/19- 30/05/19

SOLD OUT- Please keep an eye out for cancellations

‘Singing for Serenity’ is a unique opportunity to truly appreciate and immerse yourself in music and mindfulness. It will give you space to appreciate the amazing benefits that music brings to your life. Do this for you.

The retreat will be at a spectacular Victorian Mansion in Wigton. This countryside escape will become our home, where we can explore, create and discover with no distractions.

All meals and sessions are included in the price. There will also be some snacks and non-alcoholic beverages provided. Feel free to bring wine etc!

To book, please email your room option to If you are sharing a room, you must have somebody to book with. Please let me know who is sharing the room.

This is on a first come, first serve basis. Deposits of £100 will be taken in the next week, with the full amount payable 1 month prior to the event.

Room Options and Prices

Triple Room (shared accessible bathroom): SOLD

Twin Room (sharing family bathrooms): SOLD

Triple Ensuite (double bed and single bed): SOLD

Triple Room (double bed and single bed, sharing family bathroom): SOLD

Single Room (sharing family bathroom) : SOLD

Double Room (sharing family bathroom) : SOLD

Double Ensuite: SOLD

As this is my first ever Music Retreat, I am offering it at a cheaper rate than other similar retreats. Come with me on the journey!

Schedule of activities:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Arrival between 5.30 and 6pm 8.30am // Smoothie Bowl Workshop Continental Breakfast between 8.30am and 10am 8am- 9am // Breakfast
6.30pm //Dinner 10am // Sing and Stretch Morning Yoga // 10.15-11.15am 9am – 9.30 am // Singing and Conclusions
8pm // Rounds and Folksong 11am // Group Singing Session 11.30am // Technique, Posture and Breathing Check out by 10am
9pm // Yoga Nidra (or Yin Yoga) 12pm // Lunch 12.30pm // Lunch
From 1pm // One to one voice lessons will be scheduled in this time. Otherwise, please use this time to relax, enjoy nature and regenerate. 2pm // Group Composition; you will be guided in a free, non-intimidating session, and we will compose a piece together using only our voices and bodies.
5.30pm // Music Theory 3.15pm // Group singing session
6.30pm // Dinner 5pm // Free Time
8pm // Appreciating Music: Contemplation and Meditation 7pm // Quiz and Games Night

About a 2.5 hour drive from Leeds.

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