With years of experience leading choirs, I also run one-off workshops.

Corporate Workshops

Singing workshops for corporations are becoming a popular option for team building events. Singing has scientifically proven benefits (see links at the bottom of the page), and companies are catching on to this almost untapped resource for productivity, creativity, motivation and engagement. A singing workshop will take your team out of their comfort zone, and will give them something new and challenging to do. Once they get into it, not only will they have fun, but they will also develop stronger bonds of cooperation and friendship.

If you want more than a workshop, I can also run regular choir sessions in your workplace.

One-off Workshops for Parties and Events, or Performance Preparation

You may want to hold a singing workshop for a variety of reasons. Whatever those reasons are, I will be able to tailor the material and pace of the workshop to your needs.

Stag/Hen/Birthday Party Instagram Choir

If you want a Stag or Hen Party with a difference, you can have your very own signing workshop! As well as having LOADS of fun learning a song as a group (maybe something special to you?), you can also show off to all of your friends through a Facebook Live Stream, and on your Instagram Story. If you want a longer, more in-depth workshop, we could also provide you with a high-quality audio recording of your work.

Please do get in touch for more information:–-and-perfect-icebreaker

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