Rebecca Joanne’s sound is ambient and unique; her vivid, bright voice is underscored by a dark, romantic timbre creating diverse and emotive performances.Frodsham_6087 copy

Formally trained as a classical singer, she has since expanded her work into other genres such as musical theatre, pop and most notably, jazz. Her sound has evolved into a tone that is suited to both traditional and contemporary jazz; making her a multifaceted artist. It is this musical plasticity that also adds distinction to her pop and musical theatre performances. She has achieved cross-genre definition, with her recognisable sound consistent throughout.

As well as being a diverse performer, Rebecca Joanne is an experienced vocal instructor with a large pupil base. As well as traditional singing lessons, she strives to innovate, with unique workshops, and courses rooted in vocal development.

Currently, Rebecca is lead vocalist in the ‘Might as Well be Swing’ Jazz Band. She is also one half of ‘Jazz by Jeff and Becky’ as well as other developing projects. Rebecca Joanne is currently working on her originals with a new ensemble, as well as setting up a guitar and voice pop duo. As well as all of this, Rebecca Joanne is part of the nationwide Rock Choir team, leading 5 adult, amateur choirs in West Yorkshire. Rock Choir leaders will soon be gathering in London to perform in Hyde Park from ‘Proms in the Park’.

To keep updated, please follow Rebecca Joanne on social media:

Instagram: rebeccajoannemusic

Twitter: RebeccaJoMusic




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